Saturday, May 2, 2009

Holy effin' cakes...


I've said in the past, I'm not a huge fan of green...but lately, I've noticed the green side of my nail cabinet expanding faster than expected. I have an idea...especially for those advanced nail mixologists! How about a GREEN version of the Chanel Moscou polishes? Fine green glitter in black? Talk about a nailgasm!

Hop on over to to check out the HAWTNESS!

I'm psyched for the Spain collection, but it still has a lot of "filler" colors (AKA mid-range pink and reds for those "normal" types). And you know what REALLY irks me? A lot of the awesome colors get discontinued, yet these crappy colors stay on! WHAT GIVES?!

I got nostalgic looking at this collection, especially seeing the color Barefoot in Barcelona. While on holiday during my study abroad stint, I traveled with some friends to Barcelona. If New Orleans is my #1 favorite city in the US, Barcelona is my #1 in Europe. It was relatively cheap (especially compared to London!), beautiful and fun! However, the beaches are kinda...lacking. 3 out of the 6 in our group are Florida residents so we were excited to see a beach again, especially after months of dreary English weather. I found out later that the beaches were only developed in the early 1990s for the Olympics and that their sand comes from quarries! Silly us, we were expecting Gulf Coast sugar sand.


Velvet said...

Oooh! Cool,I just checked her blog and saw the dark green opi! Can't wait now! I know all about "sugar sand",I grew up in Fort myers/Sanibel Island. On the gulf coast. It's the best sand in the world! I'm sooo spoilt. Whenever we travel anywhere else with a beach. I expect white powdered Sanibel! Am always! I miss southwest Florida a lot. The Mississppi River banks just don't cut it for! At least I have St.Louis! Thanks for sharing the Spain pics.

Lucy said...

Love that green. Your so right about the safe colors all staying. Why do they do this to us! Thanks for the pictures of the new collection.

Mary said...

I love your pictures, especially the toes in the sand one. That green is calling my name, for sure!

Helen said...

Looks like that green's got a few of us excited - me too!

Barcelona is absolutely one of my favourite places in the world and I am lucky enough to have been there twice. The architecture, the food, the shopping, the size of the measures of spirits in a cocktail...ahhh, bliss!

The Asian Girl said...

Velvet--I live in an area well-known for river activities...I still prefer the beach.

Lucy--I know, why do they do that to us? We buy the lion's share of nail polish, I'm sure.

Mary--Thanks! It was my favorite nail color at the time.

Helen--Lucky! I really want to go back, whenever I can afford it! My friend studied near Barcelona for a year; he told me about the alcohol there :D

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