Thursday, September 24, 2009

"After this one, you're gonna need a root canal..."

Hey!!! How's everyone doing? School and work have taken over my life...again. But don't worry, I still seek refuge in nail polish!

Back in February, I talked about Hard Candy Sky...guess what, Hard Candy is now available at select Wal-Marts! For those of you fairly new to nail polish, Hard Candy was a huge trend back in the '90s with their out-of-the-ordinary pastel polishes. Urban Decay also came to prominence around the same time (coincidentely, UD has also released new polishes, albeit minis).

I heard the news back in August, so I started stalking a few local Wal-Marts. Sorry for the low quality pics, I only had my Blackberry on hand.

9/17/2009 :(

9/24/2009 :D

Lava: red/gold glitter; slightly orange-y redFishnet: red creme
Pretty in Punk: hot pink creme
Date Night: mauve-pink glitterHypnotic: dusty pink with gold shimmerSplendid: sunny yellow creme
Sweet P: lime green glitterEnvy: blackened green shimmer
Frenzy: teal cremeMr. Wrong: purple/gold foil-ish microglitterMr. Right: blurple shimmer
Hot Pants: hexagonal and small glitter in a purple jelly baseRumor Mill: vampy purple creme (similar to OPI LPAD)Break Up: hexagonal and small glitter in a translucent white base
Sugar Daddy: white with gold shimmerThe End: black creme
I only bought Mr. Wrong and Envy, the two standouts of the collection. Envy reminds me of satin's a rich, blackened green similar to Wet 'N Wild Craze Morbid but more of an emerald green sheen. Mr. Wrong is unlike anything in my has light purple and gold flaky microglitter which gives it a foil-like texture. I have a feeling I may end up impulsively buying Lava in the future since I have a weakness for red glitter polish. I didn't really feel any of the cremes; Splendid and Frenzy look nice but they remind me too much of Zoya Pippa and Color Club Bizerk Turq. That, and I'm not much of a creme person.

The rings suck. I think it was just thrown in for familiarity with the old brand. They're made of hard plastic and do not stay on the cap securely. I'm guessing they added shrink wrap to secure the rings and to keep those pesky tweens from "sampling" the polish on the display or on themselves.

The makeup line looks REALLY tempting but I'm on a strict no-buy. I told myself if I won Chanel Holographic on eBay, I would be on a 2-week no-buy and on restriction for another two weeks. This is my only indulgence for now! I hope you find Hard Candy at your local Wal-Mart; I hear it was only released in 3000 stores. Keep your eyes peeled!


Mighty Lambchop said...

Oh, man. Two of the Walmart stores in town don't have this yet. I'm excited about this because I couldn't afford Hard Candy back in the day. I'm making up for my lost youth now!

Brooke said...

hmmmmm i need to check mine out

Polish'd Cindy said...

One Walmart down, one to go. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for the tip!

Liz said...

You are right!! Too sweet. Calling the dentist right now... :) Thank you so much for posting these. I'm really impressed you stuck to your no buy!

clockwork said...

Exciting, I have got to get me to a Walmart! lol, great pics.

Lucy said...

I've never owned any Hard Candy. I never go to Walmart. I think I can find the same shades in other brands. Least I hope so. They have some pretty shades.

Denny said...

Good looking out. Walmart is 1 mile from my house. I'll check it out next time I'm in there (which is like a few times a week). lol Good luck on ebay!

Jodes said...

Thanks for the post! I know what you mean about No Buy! I won Chanel's Gold Fiction on ebay and now I can't buy for 2 more weeks!! Totally worth it though! Although my "Wish List" is getting longer day by day!! LOL

Great pix


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The Shiny Pebble said...

Thank you for signing up for my giveaway. Guess what... after i posted my giveaway at makeupalley, they deleted my posts AND kicked me out. I even sent the webmaster asking them if it was alright and they never wrote back. Just a little upset about that... :/

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