Friday, February 27, 2009

2007-2008 Top 20: #14-#11 Vignettes

#14: Hot Topic Iridescent Purple

I love this color despite its inability to be photographed properly. Almost all pictures of this color appear blurple, which it is not. It has some blurple glitter, but it is a true purple. It's kind of jelly with gorgeous glitter flecks that resemble glass. The bottle and brush will definitely give a user fits due to its inconvenient shape and cap, though.

#13: Chanel Antilope

After the disappointment of Black Satin and US Vamp, Antilope turned me to the dark side known as Chanel. I loved the neutral tone, especially during summer 2008. My favorite application of Antilope was for French tips. The main problem with Antilope is the dreaded streaks from metallic polishes, but I feel like the gorgeous neutral shade makes up for it.

#12: Essie Wicked

I turned to Wicked after my purchase of Chanel Vamp turned to be a bust. This was my first crème vampy, which I loved immensely. Of all my Essies (with the exception of a certain mini bottle), it is the only bottle close to empty.

#11: Hard Candy Sky

Hard Candy Sky takes me back to the days when quoting Clueless was "in". This color was popularized by Alicia Silverstone when she name-checked it on Letterman. I remember the bright pastel colors and of course, the ubiquitous jelly ring. I didn't get a chance to own it until very recently; their website had them for sale at $1.75 a bottle. The shipping cost more than the two polishes I ordered. I found Trailer Trash and Tantrum at TJ Maxx for $2.99 each along with a lot of their other makeup products on the cheap.


Helen said...

Wow; the Hot Topic Iridescent Purple is gaaaaaawgeous :)
You wouldn't know where to get it if living overseas, would you?
I'm gonna check eBay right now :)

contests and such said...

I agree I really like the Hot Topic Iridescent Purple the best out of all of them!
don't you hate it when the np doesn't want to agree with the camera!

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I like that Hot Topic Iridescent Purple as well. I love really bright colors anyway. I have a black bottle of polish from Hot Topic and I had the same brush problems.

The Asian Girl said...

Vanessa--sadly, Hot Topic doesn't ship overseas :(

Nessa--YES! I have a lot of trouble with purples and blue/greens.

The Pretty Brown Girl--That brush is just a pain! Hot Topic's color selection is pretty good, though.

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