Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Revlon's Runway Collection and reasons why I may need a dunce cap

Back in the day as a wee nail-biter, I used to fantasize about having long, elegant nails. I was especially envious of acrylic nails...I wanted a perfect french manicure. My parents were (and still are) very frugal, so there was no way my middle school nails were getting done at a salon. My cousin obtained a Fing'rs press-on nails kit, thus my quest for the perfect (plastic) manicure began.

I had the same issues at 24 with these nails like I did with the Fing'rs nails I used at 12: they're too curved. My nails are flatter, so I get dreaded bubbles. As you can see, only my pinky nail escaped that fate, but with only 24 nails a pack, you only get one shot to get them glued on correctly. Considering that this is a repeated problem for me; is it just me or do I need a dunce cap? Please heed that this is someone who has trouble with her Bumpits.

Check out the detail though...I'm impressed! These aren't the staid French manicures of my youth. I wish they did work out better for me; if anything for the gorgeous designs!

One last thing: I wish these came with the adhesive stickers as well as the glue. I've never been a fan of nail glue since it requires acetone to soak it off. The less damage to natural nails, the better, I say. Other than that, it's a lot quicker, cheaper and will damage your nails a lot less than acrylics, so it's a nice change of pace.


adorepink said...

omg, how'd you get these to look so good on your nails?! One of my problems is they never look good around my cuticle area.

The Asian Girl said...

I kinda tuck them in around my cuticles.

Anonymous said...

the kiss everlasting french come in flat. I only had 1 tiny air bubble with those. since i took my acrylics off these have become my "holy grail" until my real nails are grown out.

Lucy said...

These are a really gorgeous looking nails. I'm glad the person ahead of me remembered the brand that came in flat. I remember reading about them that they came in flat or curved. I always wanted to buy the fakes nails too. My Mother was not about to waste money on them.

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