Thursday, March 19, 2009


While looking at my new bottle of Essie Mesmerize, I had a startling revelation:

Mesmerize is SMURF BLUE!

I have read descriptions of "Superman blue"--

Tim Tebow: HATE the Gators, would love to do him. *hangs head in shame*

--and Mesmerize has a muted old-school comic book quality. Essie's white bottle cap makes it look more Smurf-like to me. I constantly restrain urges to give it a little blonde wig and call it Smurfette.


Steph NJ said...

Hey there! I really like this blue on you :) I gave you an award over on NJ!

Pixie said...

That does look quite smurfy! I love it :)

Brooke said...

gaaaah! why must I have to look at Tebow this early in the morning????

That blue really looks nice. I have seen it on other blogs before but didn't see what the fuss was about. For some reason, I am liking the way it looks here. Would you say your pic is true to life color? If so, then Imight need to order me this one.

Lucy said...

You are too much! He is sexy! I like the polish also!

Vanessa said...

It really is Smurf blue!!
I like it, really cool color :)

The Asian Girl said...

Steph--Thank ya doll :)

Pixie--glad you like it!

Brooke--my apologies, lol. The fuss is easy--it does not belong in an Essie bottle! I think it's a little darker in the picture, though. It's very vibrant.


Vanessa--it is! I will probably dress up the bottle as a Smurf one of these days...

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