Monday, March 2, 2009


Zoya is extending their awesome nail polish exchange until April 28!

*does the Happy Dance*

Several fellow nail bloggers (Scrangie, The Polish Addict, Clumps of Mascara, VampyVarnish, All Lacquered Up, Perfectly Polished Tips, Casual Lavish, The Crystal Files and The Nailphile) are also participating in Zoya's promotion of their new summer color lines. Definitely head out to their sites to check out the new colors. Hopefully it'll be released before April 28; I want to exchange Kotori for something better!

Here are a few of my Zoya pics to help you select some goodies the next go 'round:











Nixxy said...

OMG - how on earth did you get Gaia to look so good on you?? I just can't get it to look anything like that on me :)

Nessa said...

Thanks for posting this! It's like a one-stop shop for Zoya swatches. I hate searching around for them.

The Asian Girl said...

Nixxy--4 COATS. It's one of my favorite whites, but it's a pain, lol. I haven't tried Barielle Camouflage as a base using it yet, so that might make it easier.

Nessa--You're welcome :) You should take a look at the Community Nail Polish Gallery; they have a LOT more colors; just plug in "Zoya" in the search box.

Lucy said...

Love those Zoya colors. I'll have to place an order after Lent.

The Asian Girl said...

Lucy--did you give up buying nail polish for Lent? My sisters suggested I do the same, but I figure giving up fast food and soda is going to be hard enough as it is!

Anonymous said...

This picture isn't accurate; I feel that both colors are greener in real life. Even outdoors it has the same problem. For starters, In A Tiff has a subtle silver shimmer while For Audrey is a creme. The shimmer is so subtle that it's difficult to capture in a photograph.
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