Monday, March 23, 2009

look what the Easter Beagle dragged in...


Spring is the time of renewal after the cold of winter. Spring is the time for bunnies. Spring is the time for reproducing like bunnies. Spring is the time that you start cursing or praising the government. (CURSE YOU, TAXMAN!!!) There is also another thing that people either curse or praise spring: pastel colors.

*all groan in unison*

I might be in the minority when I say this: I love pastels. I have a thing for subtle colors, especially baby blue and baby pink. So when I went to Claire's at the mall, I was excited to see some adorable pastel shimmers.

Unfortunately, they turned out to be full-on Monets.

There is only one other color besides these have I had a nightmare of streaky application: Chanel Allegoria. MAC Peppermint Patti was pretty bad too, but not anywhere near the level of Allegoria or these three. These are all four-coaters with no base coat.

Blue For You

Mint For You

You Are My Sunshine

Maybe I'll try again soon; they're like little kids: unruly yet adorable. I tried MAC Peppermint Patti again; it worked much better with Barielle Camouflage. Speaking of application issues, has anyone had major bubbling issues with Misa Happy Happy? I cannot seem to apply it without bubbles and this is without any kind of shaking prior to application. In frustration, I bought a discounted bottle of Essie Shorty Pants.

Speaking of spring, for those of you unfamiliar, I live in Florida. Beach season is in full swing! Misa Happy Happy and Essie Shorty Pants both match my new Victoria's Secret bikini. Does anyone else coordinate their manicure with their bathing suits? I'd definitely like to hear about it!


Vanessa said...

You did an awesome job despite of the PITA formula #:)
The colors are really pretty, esp Blue for You.

Lucy said...

I love creme pastels. Well there isn't pretty much of anything I don't love about nail polish. I love to be matchy matchy. Even though it's suppossed to be a no-no, I don't care.

Denny said...

Those are pretty easter-y colors. I haven't seen Happy, Happy. Once you get the color under control please swatch - I'd love to peep it out. I really enjoy Misa's colors. :-)

The Asian Girl said...

Vanessa--Thanks! They are adorable, too bad they're so finicky!

Lucy--Matchy matchy is all good by me :) But then again, I get so ADD with polishes that I end up wearing more than one color at a time.

Denny--I'll try! Last time I checked, it was a dupe for the now-discontinued Essie Shorty Pants.

katrinajoy7 said...

I got Misa Happy Happy back in January during that awesome promotion, and just tried it out this week. I had issues with it too, very streaky and some bubbling. Very disappointing, as I am all about yellow this spring! And I love all the other Misa colors, the polish formula is great. My search for a great yellow continues...

VaL said...

im also a Florida girl. Miami, actually :) and heck yea! i just bought 4 new colors to match my new Pink swimwear <3

VaL said...

Katrinajoy7, OPI the "it" color is an amaziiiing, awesome, perfect color. My favorite spring color so far :)

:+: Babee C :+: said...

Hey dear, I have nominated you as one of the fabulous blogs I know. :)))

Keep it up! :)))

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