Sunday, March 29, 2009

My addiction is cramping my style.


I remember the days when all it took to house my nail polish collection was a large ceramic bowl. Those days are over.

My collection and other nail accoutrements took up an astounding seven (yes, SEVEN) 6-quart Sterilite boxes and 2 OPI train cases. While I have a rather large bedroom, this was not working out. While out shopping, I keep my eyes peeled for alternative nail polish housing. I've came close a couple times while at thrift stores with spice racks, but I realize that it would take something of epic proportions to keep up with my ever-growing collection. What I found ended up being right under my nose.

This cabinet once housed video cassette tapes...remember those? You know, the big clunky things before DVD? *sarcasm*

If I become more handy, I think I might add a couple more shelves to the cabinet. It seems like it can house much more than it currently does.

I couldn't stand having so many storage boxes strewn all over my room and taking over a desk. Do you have any unique ways of storing your polish?


Vanessa said...

OMG!!! Talk about stash ;) How many bottles are there, have you counted?
Sooo many gorgeous blues... I feel a little polish envy coming right now.. ;)
But it will probably go away once I get my Cherry Culture order that I placed the other day....34 polishes.... I have a problem, obviously...;)
Great post, and those CD shelves are perfect bottle storage.

The Asian Girl said...

Vanessa--It's at 240! I keep an up-to-date Microsoft Excel file of my polishes; after 70 or so, I couldn't keep up. WOW, 34?! One day of shopping around in discount stores led to my all-time record of 21. Now that videotapes are practically obsolete, at least its storage is still useful for something :)

Nessa said...

Very creative! They won't see sunlight to damage them either! I wish I kept mine! It was soo heavy and I never thought my stash would work out to be so huge. I keep mine in my closet, but it is outgrowing it very quickly!

Lucy said...

Excellent idea using that video storage cabinet. I saw someone on YouTube who bought polish racks and stored her makeup and polish on them. The had them on some kind of open shelved furniture piece. The polish racks are a great idea but I don't know where I'd put them.

Olivia C. said...

WHOA! That's a lot of polish!!! I don't have that much... yet. lol

VaL said...

Those plastic drawers that role around. thats what i use. :)

Meee said...

Wow, you sure have a lot!

I think that it's a good idea to use furniture you already have if you're not using it for anything else. At least you can be sure it'll match your decor. I hate those plastic containers.

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