Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I definitely got an awesome haul on Monday...right when I gave up hope on Dollar Tree, it finally came through for me and I was met with a plethora of LA Colors Art Deco nail art polishes! I picked up 7 colors I didn't have--I already own white, gold glitter and black. I wandered into an ethnic independent beauty supply near the Oriental store I picked up some mangoes, then found some different nail polish brands...I found this iridescent glitter coral/pink from a brand called "Wild and Crazy" which had the Sinful Colors website on the label and a pastel yellow from a brand named "Tea Nail Hardener".

I also stopped by a thrift store after the beauty supply...I came out like a bandit! I picked up 10 Calvin & Hobbes treasury books for 69 cents each! I couldn't believe my ears when the cashier told me so!

I made an order at OC Nail Art Saturday night and it arrived Monday afternoon! Talk about quick service! Check it out; if you use the promo codes casuallavish or polishpixie, you'll receive 20% off and free shipping is included with orders over $20! That's an awesome deal! I now have Konad plates m60, m64, m65 and m73.

Some things headed toward your way this week: the return of Nail vs. Nail (sparkling whites and a certain blue jewelry box), more Konad and awesome purples! Maybe this time my camera won't take all weekend to load up my pictures...


Velvet said...

Sounds like you had a great day for bargins! I love those days!

Vanessa said...

Great haul you got there ;)

Lucy said...

How nice for you! Some days are just magical for finding things. Looking forward to some nail art.

The Asian Girl said...

Velvet--those are the BEST days!

Vanessa--it rocks my world :D

Lucy--those days make up for the crappy days when you can't find anything!

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