Friday, April 17, 2009

Hi, I'm the Asian Girl, and I'm a SMRT* Award winner!

*The SMRT Award is a personal joke between my baby sister, her best friend Evil and myself. When someone does something that is obviously, well, stupid, we usually retort with "SMRT!" We pronounce it "smurt"; it rhymes with "Smurf".

Why am I worthy of a SMRT Award?

I've been having difficulties with ordering through Head2Toe using my debit card. My card kept being declined despite it having more than enough to cover the cost. 2 weeks ago, I called their customer service up, trying to see what the trouble was, but it was too late in the day to get anyone on the phone. Fast-forward to today and I had the same trouble. Finally, I used my credit card in vain, which was also declined. I then noticed what my problem was: My debit card's CVC number was worn down, so I was using the three digits BEFORE it. Thanks to this problem, I missed out on Essie Greenport, Color Club Revvvolution and Orly Mint Mojito. DRAT!

Oh, well. Of the three, I'm only really disappointed with not getting Revvvolution. I wasn't absolutely crazy about Greenport and I already have MAC Peppermint Patti. Prior to figuring out the card problem, I already began my next Zoya exchange haul as well, so I think I might be okay after all.

My NOTD is an oddball of the OPI Designer Series family. The now-discontinued Dazzle is stunning pink glitter jelly. I call it an oddball because unlike the other DS polishes I own, there are no holographic features. It's pretty and sparkly, but I don't think it's worth the DS price or the ridiculously-gouged prices it probably commands on eBay. It's similar to Zoya Lindsay, which is more of a true jelly than Dazzle. If you've got a lemming for this, Zoya Lindsay isn't an exact dupe but is much more affordable and is attractive in its own right. I bought my bottle used at a nail salon for a crazy bargain price.

Finally, I'd like to thank all of you who showed concern for my health! You guys rock! I'm finally feeling better thanks to a cocktail of sinus and allergy meds. Watch out for those sinus meds though, I had to go home early from work because the sinus meds practically knocked me out.


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