Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I was inspired by Amanda at Dr. Frankenpolish's NARS Zulu franken. For those of you new to nail polish, Zulu is an outrageously hard-to-find polish that can go for over $80 on eBay (if it can even be FOUND on eBay to begin with). It is an exquisite dark green jelly; not $80 exquisite, but definitely a looker. While there are other colors that I vow to own one day, I know it is highly unlikely that I will ever own a bottle of Zulu unless the impossible happens and NARS re-releases it. I've long come to terms with it. Amanda's franken is amazing; the base of her version looks a lot brighter than mine. Mine turned out to be more forest green and opaque, as seen here:

I'd like to apologize for the RIDICULOUS bubbling. Yesterday while at a local thrift store, I found some serious deals. I think one of their regular donors must be a either a salon owner or a supply dealer, because I found a big cardboard box that also contained smaller cardboard boxes with 6 half-empty (or half-full?) bottles of Poshe. I don't think they were previously used (yuck!) but really old (the bottle doesn't look like the current one). I bought a box of 6 for 89 cents! Not 89 cents EACH, but 89 cents for all 6! INSANE! I bought a bottle of nail polish thinner at Sally and thinned them all out to perfection :) However, prior to the thinner, I attempted to use the bottle as-is which led to bubbles. I also picked up two 200-count boxes of nail tips for swatching purposes, which helped out tremendously with frankening.

While it is not the exact Zulu, I really like it. I kinda made a huge batch so I might tinker with some of it a little bit more since I have acquired yet another bottle of Hard Candy Trailer Trash. I bought another bottle because it had the matching jelly ring; something my original bottle lacked. Now that I've dipped my toes into the frankening process, I wonder what else I can make...


Deez Nailz said...

Lucky girl to find those poshe's

I think the franken you made is really unique and nice.

Mary said...

I like how it turned out, very nice! Frankening can be addicting, for sure :)

Lucy said...

I think you did a pretty good job on your franken. I've never seen Zulu in person but this looks pretty close to me.

clockwork said...

that's a great franken, very Zulu!

Olivia C. said...

Turned out good!

Brooke said...

Lucky you on the thrift store find!!

Nobody can do one franken!! Once you start, there is no end :)

The Asian Girl said...

Deez Nailz--Thanks! :)

Mary--it is! Now I have to find more things to franken with!

Lucy--Neither have I, so I was using others' pictures to judge it against.

clockwork--Thank you!

Olivia C.--Thanks, I hope so!

Brooke--oh, no, that's NOT what I needed to hear :P

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