Monday, April 27, 2009

the NOLA curse lives on...

On Sunday, I ventured back out west to New Orleans for their Jazz and Heritage Festival (colloquially known as Jazzfest). I saw three bands at the Acura Stage (Kinky, Better Than Ezra and Dave Matthews Band). I was pleasantly surprised by Kinky, a Mexican rock/electronica band I'd never heard of before. Better Than Ezra rocked the house, but damn, DMB brought it down! My friends and I were one row away from the guardrail, not bad for $50 tickets!

I previously mentioned that I have a running streak of bad luck when it comes to nails in NOLA...this was no exception! While sitting and waiting for Better Than Ezra, I looked at my nail and found that it was broken! *facepalm* I just trimmed my nails after a minor break earlier this week. This time, this nail will just have to be shorter than everyone else; something its owner is quite familiar with. Luckily, it was on my right hand AKA my non-swatching hand.



My nail color for the weekend is from Chanel's new Celestial Lights collection: Cosmic Violine. It has a milk chocolate base; the overall color reminds me of rum raisin. The red glitter is similar to the Moscou collection's Feu de Russie. Both have the same lit-from-within quality; explosive without being gaudy.

glitter close-up

Feu de Russie

For most people, two coats should suffice; the application and formula rocks! I like my colors very opaque so I opted for three. When I first put it on; I'm not gonna lie, I was disappointed. I have an issue with browns; I feel that milk chocolate shades are too light for my skintone. This is the same reason why I rarely own anything brown: nail polish, clothing, shoes, purses, makeup, etc.; I have to have more of a contrast. I was hoping it was deeper, a la Zoya Kalista. However, the color grew on me during the weekend. It's not an overwhelming favorite, but it's definitely gorgeous. I've perused my collection; I don't have anything like it with the exception of Feu de Russie, a favorite of mine but with a black base.

Does anyone else have any recurring bad luck with nails? I love New Orleans, I just hate the effect on my nails!


Velvet said...

Glad you had a good time...hearing some good tunes! Oh yes!! Easter week-end. I had three nails break. Both ring fingers and a thumb nail...grrr...! Yep,I was thinking "rum rasin" too. With this polish color. I haven't seen too many colors this season, quite like this one. It's pretty.

The Asian Girl said...

Velvet--Wow, three?! I would be so angry! This is definitely an oddball for what is considered a summer collection.

Lucy said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Fantastic seats! Sorry for your nail mishap. Love the color.

Helen said...

I hae a recurring issue with my left thumbnail breaking really low down once every three months or so - same place, same pain every time. And the nail on the middle finger on my left hand also frays at one side.

What am I doing with my left hand? Confusing!

ps - the DMB rock!

Mary said...

Sounds like you have a good time, even with the nail issue. That's a pretty color though!

clockwork said...

Ooh I like that shade a lot, sounds like the show was good though :)

Nora said...

Is that milk chocolate brown? Looks really good on you though, I don't know what the color is really like, it is not available here yet but did not think it was brown, thanks for posting it.

The Asian Girl said...

Lucy--it rocked :)

Helen--have you tried a silk wrap on that nail? I also have the same trouble with certain nails fraying at the side, usually the side away from my thumbs.

Mary--great music can help nail issues :D

clockwork--it was a great show!

Nora--it's more of a reddish-chocolate brown in fluorescent light. I feel like the glitter gives it a reddish glow. You're welcome :)

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