Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ladies, I know you find me sexy.

I love Chris Paul.

How do I count the ways? Well, for starters, he's not the typical tatted-up thug trying to cut a rap album. He's cute as a button. He's the kind of guy you can take home to Mom. Oh, yeah, and he's the future of the NBA.

...Did I mention he's cute as a button?

Thanks to Chris Paul, I decided to dip my toes into the world of nail art. In preparation for the December 23 New Orleans Hornets vs. Los Angeles Lakers match, I tried a couple of designs.

This design is based on the Hornets' home jersey. I used Zoya Gaia as the base while Zoya Yasmeen and China Glaze For Audrey were used for detailing. For Audrey isn't close to the Hornets teal; it was just what I had at the time.

While studying abroad in England, I took a class on modern art and wrote an arduous paper on Piet Mondrian. This design definitely has Mondrian influence. The base is Essie Marshmallow and the detailing is Zoya Yasmeen, Essie Shorty Pants and Color Club Bizerk Turq.

This was the design I wore to New Orleans for the game. I was inspired by the Louboutin manicure I sported the day before. The base color is Bizerk Turq and the detailing is Essie Shorty Pants, Zoya Yasmeen and Essie Marshmallow. The thumb design is based on the Hornets' away jersey.

Unfortunately, as you can see (and what I found out upon buying a jersey of my own prior to the game), Bizerk Turq was too green. It did, however, resemble the older jersey as seen above. However, I have since bought a more suitable blue (China Glaze Shower Together) so I am ready for the playoffs! GEAUX HORNETS!


Brooke said...

You know we used to have Chris Paul here in Oklahoma before we lost the Hornets so shortly after getting them. At least they finally got it together and we now have our own NBA team - the OKC Thunder.

Great job on the nails. I was wondering if turned up turquoise would have been a color match to the jerseys? Very cute with the yellow underneath :)

Lucy said...

Hi! Found you on Brooke's blog. Always glad to read more about nails. Like your art work. I love the Yankees! Hope during baseball season you can try a Yankees manicure.

The Asian Girl said...

Brooke--I did look at Turned Up Turquoise; I think it's even greener than Bizerk Turq. Their older color was closer to turquoise; now they use "creole blue". The yellow was a lot easier to remove than Ruby Pumps, that's for sure :)

Lucy--my sister's best friend is a Yankees fan; she'd be thrilled, but then I'd have to stop making fun of her :P

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