Thursday, February 5, 2009


You have reached the realm of The Asian Girl. I'm a newbie at both the blogging/nail polish thing. I've been a long-time lurker at many of the popular nail blogs (wow, that makes me sound like such a creeper) and decided it was time to finally share my addiction with the world.

Addiction, you say? While grocery shopping, I have to troll by the cosmetics aisle even though I will more than likely be disappointed. Impulsively buying a collection the day it comes out online despite the exorbitant price (90 dollars, are you out of your mind?!) counts as an addiction. But that's not as desperate as when you find yourself on your hands and knees on the floor of your former favorite nail salon looking at the bottles for sale.

I currently own 146 bottles of nail polish. I'm not up to the typical nail blogger number (…yet.), but I only began this little obsession back in the autumn of 2007. This number will certainly change, probably as soon as tomorrow. I plan on talking about a myriad of nail polish topics: NOTD (which is going to be postponed due to my camera currently being MIA), nail products, nail art, and personal opinions regarding nail polish.

Before we begin dishing about polish, I must warn you: I have a foul mouth and have a predilection for inappropriate comments. That's just how I am…so if you are sensitive to certain four-letter words and dirty humor, you may want to step away or just concentrate on the pictures instead. See! Everyone wins!

Here's a little bit of side information about me:

  • I'm a recent college graduate (BS in Community Health Ed) currently working as a waitress at a restaurant located in a local military base on the lookout for my first post-grad job.
  • I'm full-bred Filipina-American (hence, the "Asian" part).
  • I like to make a lot of side comments and use lots of semi-colons. That's why my stories tend to ramble on; it's a trait I inherited from my mother.

Thanks for stopping by!

Note: The first picture was my nail polish collection on May 4, 2008. The second is my collection on January 20, 2009.


Brooke said...

I look forward to seeing how your blog progresses! Good luck :)

The Asian Girl said...

Brooke--thank you!

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

January 2009 you meant?

The Asian Girl said...

Halifax--YES! Thank you, I totally missed that! I always have problems with dates within the first 2 months of a new year (:

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