Monday, February 23, 2009

No sir, I don't like it.

I really wanted to like this color. Really, I did.

It's pretty hard for me to dislike a color that's not a stereotypical pink/red.

Unlike Zoya Lindsay, which ended up endearing itself to me with its pink jelly/glittery goodness, I couldn't get myself to like Zoya Kotori. I love the name, I just can't stand the color. First of all, it took 4 coats to reach optimal opacity, which is a pain. Even at ideal opacity, it had this watery look that I did not like; it reminded me of watered-down ink. Also, it just did not look right with my skin tone. I can usually rock most colors, but it wasn't happening with Kotori.

I don't think I've ever disliked a color as much as I loathe this color. The only consolation I have was that I only spent 3 dollars on it as part of the Zoya exchange promo (JUMP ON IT, it ends February 28!!!). I would be much more upset had I spent the full 6 dollars. Am I cracking up? I'd like to hear your nail polish disappointment stories.


Nixxy said...

I had the same thing with Zoya's Lulu - it was so pretty in the bottle, but on my nails it just looked like milky puke. That was the very expensive way I found out peaches don't suit my skin tone!

The Asian Girl said...

I can't complain too much; you guys overseas have to deal with overinflated prices! Did you exchange it for something else?

Nixxy said...

nope - it's sitting in my "to be sold on ebay" bucket #B)

Lydia said...

Ahh I hate when a color looks good in the bottle but bad on your nails ;(

The Asian Girl said...

Nixxy--Yeah, I might either give it away or find something to do with it.

Lydia--That's why I usually try to swatch it beforehand (or look it up on the internet) but Kotori looked decent on others. Luckily, I've had more colors that didn't look so great in the bottle yet look good on me :)

Brooke said...

You Don't Know Jaques is my ugly on me color. I looked at everyone posting their pics up and the color looked gorgeous on everyone, it was so unique! So after about a month of looking at it, I decided to buy it. When the shipment arrived it was the first one of the bunch I put on - yuck yuck yuck! It just didn't look right on me at all! I was just like you I wanted to like it, so I kept it on for like a week thinking it might grow on me - nope! But I am keeping it though, lol :)

The Asian Girl said...

Brooke--I feel the same way about those mushroom-y brown/gray colors. I guess I'm a nail nerd; I don't always follow the trends :P

徵信社 said...

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