Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A way-back flashback...

I have a confession.

Once upon a time, this was my favorite song:

*hangs head in shame*

Oh, come on, I was 14 at the time! My object of lust was Nick Carter, for Christ's sake!

*sees the raised eyebrows*

Okay, okay, I'm digging myself into a hole here.

Back in 1999, nail polish was a lot more adventurous. (DAMN, has it really been that long?! *hangs head in shame*) Cover Girl definitely had some interesting polishes on the market.

First off, Mattalic Triple Platinum:

I found this at a Dollar Tree with a bottle of Crackle! *swoon* Two way-back flashbacks in one package, I practically hyperventilated when I found this. I clearly remember my cousin owning a bottle of the purple Mattalic. I, however, never owned my own bottle because I sported chewed-up stumps at the time. Adolescence: it's a bitch.

Back to the nail polish: this dried quickly and as the bottle states, matte. I'm not really a fan of matte finishes in either nail polish or lipstick...the dryness turns me off. For those of you like me, I added a coat of Poshe:

I think it may need more than one coat of top coat to show off the glittery goodness of Mattalic polishes. This picture is only one coat of Poshe. The bottle color is very sparkly; this is muted by the matte finish but can be enhanced with a good top coat.

Here's another color, Pink Zinc:

I don't know why, this color reminds me of Hello Kitty. Speaking of which, I can't wait for my MAC Hello Kitty polishes to come in! I really like the color of Pink Zinc, but I'm not very sure it complements my skin color. I have a problem with pinks; the only color I have ever returned was a pink (OPI Makes Men Blush). My all-time favorite is slowly becoming hard-to-find, Essie Short Shorts.

I used Pink Zinc as a base for an anti-Valentine mani:

With flash

Without flash

While I find the color combination overused, I love pink and black together. I feel the two are very complementary. I'm still getting used to Crackle, I prefer the deep recesses as shown with the pinky nail.

There's your walk through nail memory excuse me while I listen to my Britney Spears records.


I H said...

Hey girl, i had never seen that effect on nails before... did you use some plate or is it the polish???

The Asian Girl said...

It's the polish, Cover Girl Crackle. It's used over a regular polish and cracks as it dries, revealing the polish underneath. It requires a top coat over it or else it will just brush off of the nail.

Brooke said...

OMG! I used to love that song too, I was older than 14 though when I liked it :)

I just picked up one of those mattalics too at dollar tree, but no crakcle - shucks.

That heart is too cute.

I ordered all of the Hello Kitty polishes too, I'm waiting for them,,,,,,tapping foot!

The Asian Girl said...

Thanks :) me too!!! i still haven't received details about shipping from MAC...I just ordered Something About Pink (*crossing fingers and hoping that it looks like Short Shorts*) and On The Prowl. The bottles are so adorable; I couldn't help myself!

Nessa said...

You know I was totally into Mandy's first CD. I think I was about your age too.
I definitely remember this CG matte np. Not the crackle one though.
The heart looks awesome!

Lucy said...

I love your anti manicure. Too cool! I used to have alot of matte polishes. I got rid of them and I wished I hadn't.

The Asian Girl said...

Nessa--Thanks! Yeah, I totally rocked that first CD and the Center Stage soundtrack.

Lucy--Glad you like it :D I'm longing for all those poor abused polishes I had back in the day!

Gina said...

I used to have the green crackle polish. Wish I still had it. It was such a pretty green but I gave up on it when I realized there was no way to *keep* it from crackling.

Your blog is making me nostalgic for all the awesome polishes I used to have and threw away. I can't wait to hit up all the Big Lots and discount stores back home when I go home for semester break. :P

The Asian Girl said...

Gina--definitely hit them up! I also recommend nail salons too, but they tend to charge 7-8 bucks a bottle, which is worth it if they are older/discontinued colors.

SolSister said...

OMG! I love the Crackle heart! Great mani.

The Asian Girl said...

SolSister--thanks! The heart was the part I was kind of nervous about painting on correctly :)

Lydia said...

I love that stuff I haven't seen it in forever! I want to go do that to my nails now!

The Asian Girl said...

Lydia--hit up your local Dollar Tree! I wish another brand would take up the Crackle cause again!

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