Friday, February 13, 2009

NOTD: NYC Nail Glossies 235

I'm very impressed by NYC. It's a bargain brand yet produces great nail polish. BFF1 bought me 5 NYC polishes for potential Konad use over Christmas and I've only gotten around to swatching them recently. The bottle color didn't look promising; just a dusty dark pink. However, out of the bottle: WOW! I don't own Miami Beet or My Throne For A Cranberry Scone, but I wonder if it's a dupe; the vibrant pink reminds me of those colors. (...but I can be sorely mistaken.)

Chinatown is another NYC standout. It's from their new line In A New York Color Minute. I liked it when I saw it on Steph's Closet, but I was a little disappointed seeing it in person. However, I only saw it indoors, but outside in the sunlight, it's freakin' fantastic! It looks dull indoors but sunlight makes the shimmer pop.

For around 2-3 bucks, NYC is a great deal. They have decent color variety (especially their limited editions such as Cognac Sparkle and Molten Metal) and great application. The wear on 235 wasn't great, but I'm a waitress so my nails see a lot of wear and tear.

I will be in New Orleans this weekend, so no posts until Sunday night at the earliest. I will definitely answer your comments and try to work on some suggestions when I return. I received my Zoya exchange polishes today and was completely impressed by my choices, especially one that I thought would be lackluster. On Tuesday, my picks from the Hello Kitty MAC collection (On The Prowl and Something About Pink) should be coming in. Ooh, I'm so excited!


The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Thanks for posting a good bargain brand. I'm always on the look out for a good deal that is budget-friendly.

The Asian Girl said...

The Pretty Brown Girl--No problem! My biggest thrill is finding polishes at bargain stores...$0.07 nail polish? I'm so there!

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