Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trailer Trash vs. Trixie

Welcome to a new feature here at Gettin' Nailed: The Nail vs. Nail series!

Ever buy a polish then realize you have one that might as well be its twin? Isn't it, well, frustrating?! And it can get expensive! (Example: Chanel Or de Russie vs. China Glaze Wagon Trail. Not exact, but it still is $30!)

While dupes can be frustrating, I'm always fascinated to see subtle differences between similar polishes. The average nail fanatic can spot the differences, but to the untrained eye, it all looks the same. My poor, deluded baby sister still insists I have many of the same colors...but she doesn't know better.

Tonight's main event are two recently acquired polishes: Hard Candy Trailer Trash and Zoya Trixie.

In the bottle picture above, they look very similar: silver metallic glitter. However, out of the bottle:

Thumb: Trailer Trash (left) Trixie, (right), Trixie (index and middle), Trailer Trash (ring and pinky) Note: Thanks Nessa!

Trailer Trash is more muted; I think it looks a lot like Cover Girl Mattalic Triple Platinum minus the matte finish. Trixie, however: WOW! I love the foil finish, it definitely pops out and grabs you by the throat. I have to say, my favorite is Trixie...Trailer Trash would've had a better chance if it had the jelly ring included with it :P


contests and such said...

*iz confused*Which finger has what polish on it?

The Asian Girl said...

Nessa--Thanks for letting me know! It was a late night...

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I prefer Trixie too. I love the glitter! Great series idea. I just bought "In The Navy" by Sally Hansen & "Up All Night" by China Glaze. Both a navy blue, but CLEARLY to different shades. My friend was with me and insists otherwise.

He's a boy. What does he know anyway? Hahaha!

The Asian Girl said...

Pretty Brown Girl--haha, boys don't know much when it comes to differentiating between colors...and I think that's a scientific fact (it has to do with women being the gatherers, etc.). By the way, I LOVE your name :)

Brooke said...

I did that Zoya trade thing too. I can't remember if I got Trixie or not, I hope I did ;)

contests and such said...

Hey, no problem! I really like Trixie, I think I might get it.
Thank you!

The Asian Girl said...

Brooke--I hope you did too! It definitely has this gorgeous futuristic vibe to it!

Nessa--Definitely add that to a future Zoya haul, especially if you want a foil-like effect!

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