Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Licensed To Ill

Even before my nail polish addiction, I have always loved discount stores. Many of my favorite clothing items are discount store finds. Some days you'll walk in and walk out empty-handed, yet some days you end up with something really special.

I miss the drugstore nail polish lines of days past...i.e., Sally Hansen Nail Prisms, Cover Girl Mattalic, etc. I feel like drugstore brands are playing it way too safe lately, with the exception of Sally Hansen's overpriced nail art pens. However, discount stores are here to save the day!

I went to a couple of Big Lots stores this weekend and made a new discovery: Revlon Color Illusion. One word: DUOCHROME!!! The moment I found one, I had to find them all! In total, my Color Illusion haul turned to 12. (Total haul of the day: 21. I have a problem.)

A couple of colors aren't duochrome, but are beautifully rich. I'll post swatches as I go. Today's NOTD is from the line, Silver Switch.

Silver Switch is silver that changes to purple and green at different angles. This picture was the closest I could get to capturing its multifaceted nature. I don't remember the color's name, but I remember the first duochrome nail polish I got back in middle school was a Revlon.

I got these colors at an amazing price: $2 for a pack of 2! You can't really beat that except at the Dollar Tree!


Brooke said...

Dang - my biglots had nothing! I even went to two of them a few weekends ago. Good job on your haul though!

Nessa said...

I remember these! I used to have a lot of them. I really remember the pink one, I bet it's still at mom's. I remember that they chipped quickly, but with the knowledge I have now (basecoat and topcoat- didn't do that stuff back in grade school) they might stay on a bit longer.
Great color and nice nails!
Also, love the name of your blog!

The Asian Girl said...

Brooke--my local Dollar Tree never has anything good; I have to go to the next city! I feel your pain.

Nessa--Thanks a lot! :)

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