Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's not easy being purple--I mean, green...

Happy Earth Day! I totally missed out on all the awesome Earth Day promos thanks to work, but hopefully some of you bagged some freebies! There is one greener promo that's still in progress, and that's Zoya's exchange program! I asked one of Zoya's online customer service representatives when the deal ends, and I was told June 1!!! Take out those hated colors (*cough*Kotori*cough*) from your stash and add some new favorites!

For those of you lacking bottles to trade, scour a discount store, especially shopping outlets. At Bealls Outlet, I found a couple of 4-polish packages 50% off from 1.99! (They were really crappy and old Sally Hansen nail treatments.) Try some thrift shops and even garage sales! I wish I actually had enough gumption to wake up on Saturday mornings to peruse yard sales...I don't get enough sleep during the week as it is, so sleep wins out in this battle.

Here's a couple of suggested colors to trade for: Zoya Malia and Zara.

I still have mixed feelings about's a pretty color, but I'm not sure if it's right on my skintone. Zara is already a favorite of mine; I find it unique being light purple with an awesome gold shimmer. I'm not a huge fan of cremes; I guess I really like shiny objects. I wonder if my nail polish addiction is a step above (or below) being distracted by shiny objects.

For those of you who often order online, here's a green tip for you: reuse those packing products! I keep the nail polish boxes for convenient packing and storage. I've even used a Zoya box with the packing peanuts for shipping a gift to a friend!

For more green tips, check out this new blog, Polish Our Planet! I got some great packing tips for my next Zoya exchange from Polish EarthGirl so go take a look!


Mary said...

I love Zara. I actually won the Zoya contest today and I just put down any colors trying to hurry and get my entry in! But after seeing Zara, I'm adding it to my wishlist for my next order. Off to check out your blog rec. :)

Tuli said...

Both of the colors are beautiful and looking great on your hands ! I like Malia and I think it's one of the prettiest creme light purples there is...but's cremy :-)

Brooke said...

I'm totally doing the Zoya Exchange again! Especially with those neons that just came out :)

The Asian Girl said...

Mary--lucky you!

Tuli--Malia's nice; I don't think I'm much of a creme person...I think I'm too OCD for creme polishes.

Brooke--With all the great colors, I might end up doing it again more than once!

Anonymous said...

I love those colour on darker skintones I love love love them reallyThey both look fabulous on you! I wish I could do the Zoya Exchange too!Your nails always look so beautiful!

The Asian Girl said...

Katie--Thanks a lot! Have you tried getting someone in the US to help you out with the exchange?

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