Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I don't get green.

I just committed nail polish blasphemy.

Don't get me wrong, I own a few fetching greens myself. I just don't get the whole hype (i.e., $80 eBay Zulu madness). Maybe it's because I don't really wear green. I'm most likely to get pinched every March 17 because I don't have anything green to wear.

...Until now.

Prior to the China Glaze Summer Days collection, I only owned two other full collections (Zoya Flourish and Chanel Moscou) and two almost-full collections (Zoya Twist minus Moxie and Misa Sugar Sugar minus Confection Section). I was immediately attracted to the glass-flecked gorgeousness of it all. However, one color stole my heart:

...China Glaze Watermelon Rind.

Wearing this after the disaster known as Zoya Kotori completely restored my faith in nail polish and (maybe?) made me believe in green.


Brooke said...

I ordered this collection, can't wait to get mine. I agree with the greens. I think it boils down to green was/is such an unusal nail polish color, and so they didn't come along that often (of course now that is changing as more greens are being made)and people love to look for those h2f and always want what they can't have.

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I love green! It's so unusual! I grab up a green whenever I can. I have right now and I'm going to use them all for the month of March's "NOTW" in my 52 Flavors color challenge.

I am absolutely in love w/that Summer collection from China Glaze. I will be ordering mine w/in the next day or two. I just have to have it.

Vanessa said...

OMG it's gorgeous!!! I don't own one single green as of yet, but I can see that it's time to change that :)

The Asian Girl said...

Brooke--I'm sick of searching for HTFs, specifically online. I prefer to admire NARS Zulu and other similar VHTFs from afar.

The Pretty Brown Girl--Sounds like a great St. Patty's Day plan! The Summer Days collection is totally worth it...even the reds/pinks are fantastic!

Vanessa--Watermelon Rind is definitely a great start on the road to green!

Lucy said...

I'm waiting for my collection to come. I love all the greens. I just wish China Glaze would do a collection of greens like they did with the blues.

Danica said...

Whenever i wear green, i feel a mixture of christmas/shrek/monster. I love green but i dont think i appreciate it as much as other ladies here. The closest thing i can get to is teal. But it definately looks watermelony and fab on you.

Nessa said...

I really can't do green. I bought Aykra (i think) and I really couldn't stand it! I took it off the next day!

The Asian Girl said...

Lucy--I saw the green "copy" of the Bahama Blues collection; I would probably get at least one color if it did happen.

Danica--thanks! I, too, feel strange wearing green.

Nessa--from what I can see in pictures, Akyra looks like Rimmel's Green With Envy...a color I own that I can't pull off. I felt the same way after Kotori.

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